An online after school support system:- a necessity for all, in the days to come. Part-1

Can a teacher give justice to a mixed group of 30 to 60 students within a 45 min. session?

A formal schooling system is essential for the all-round development of one’s personality. But when it comes to academics, is ‘One size fits all’ model sufficient and fit? Each student is unique. In a formal schooling system around 30 – 60 students are sitting in a classroom. Everyone’s intellectual level and other abilities are different. Currently teachers are facing a tough time to manage a mixed group of students. Whom they will focus? Bright, mediocre or below average students? Teaching different levels of students within a 45 min session is a tough task.

Are we giving justice to teacher or the student? Can teacher create differentiated assignment as per the level of understanding of each child for 5 sections of students she/he is teaching? More over the talents of every child will be different. Even if the teacher is sincere and want to give personalised support to each student, is the 5-6 hour schooling hour sufficient? Students are at home for around 15 hours. Here comes the importance of an after-school support system involving experts from all over the world.

Advantages of an after school support system

  • Teachers can conduct personalised teaching

  • Students to get personalised learning experience

  • Students can choose the interested areas as per their talent.

  • Underutilised resources like educated house wives and expertise of retired teachers can be utilised for personalised teaching learning

  • Unemployment among the educated housewives and youth will decrease.

To be continued….

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