Diagnostic Test Platform

Currently, irrespective of hardworking and being brilliant, majority of the students are not getting the expected rank/grade in the board, competitive or final examinations. This is because students are not able to identify their grey areas through self-assessment and rectify it before final exams.

Diagnostic test engine help students to assess themselves to identify the grey area (Micro and macro-concept Gaps) and rectify it before their final exams with the help of Grey Area Support system (GASS).

During the regular teaching learning process there exist a learning gap and a teaching gap. The Studyvita Diagnostic Test Platform helps both student and teacher to identify these learning gaps and also helps them to overcome them with the help of inbuilt grey area support system.

Test can be generated by students themselves for the topics they have already learned or can be conducted by the teacher.

If test is conducted by the teacher, we provide batch wise and student wise analysis report which helps the teacher to do remedial classes in an effective way. These data are stored for the future use. At a later stage the data analytics helps the teacher and students for the personalized learning.

Adaptive Learning Platform

Albert Einstein said: 

“Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid”. This is true in case of students also. If we give same tests and assignments to a group of students with different IQ levels repeatedly, some will do well, but some mediocre and below average students may think that, they will never be able to answer such questions and get demoralized. What is the solution? Can a teacher create differentiated assignments and tests for each student manually? Yes. It is possible. But how long? With ever increasing class size, even, the most sincere teacher also faces problem in managing it. The best solution is judicious use of technology. After 20 years of academic and technological research, Studyvita has made it possible. Creating differentiated assignments/tests to each student as per their understanding level with a mouse click is now a reality. Explore the Diagnostic and Adaptive Learning platform of Studyvita.