Millennial’s; Can they live without present day gadgets and internet?

Dear parents and teachers.
Two years back I told my twenty year old son that “You are so fortunate that you get all the information from internet with the click of a mouse. At your age we were not having internet or gadgets. We were getting all the information from library, books or teachers”.
His sudden reaction was ” What? Then how you people used to live?”
Friends, there is a lot of discussion and confusion prevailing among us regarding the the positive and negative aspects of internet and gadgets like smartphone and laptop usage among students. Purpose of Education is to mould a good citizen with good character for a healthy future generation in the world.
The present generation of students are no more living in Gurukulam era where only knowledge source was the Guru. Now students have the access to various sources of knowledge like internet and T.V. Everyone is aware that present syllabus curriculum is outdated and that is why the formal education system is producing a fit for nothing graduate youths. The rapidly growing unemployment statistics is the proof.
Internet, smart phone and laptops are the only source of support for the new generation to remain updated. Teacher knowledge enrichment is not sufficient in the rapidly changing world. Print media is getting obsolete.
If we stop the use of gadgets and internet, what is the alternate solution we can suggest?
For everything in our surroundings, there is a positive and negative side. Electricity is dangerous, if not used carefully. But can we imagine a life without it? Similarly for millennial’s, internet and gadgets are like two lobes of their lungs. Trying to stop them from using will not result in any positive result.
So I strongly believe that what we need is ‘Hybrid Teaching Learning’, in which positive factors of both; the traditional teaching learning and technology aided Teaching Learning can be brought together where students and teachers will get the best of both the worlds.
What is needed is the Judicious use of technology at school/institutions and at home; so that Teachers and Students can remain up to date in their knowledge. To prevent the misuse, parents and schools can use parental control tools and firewalls, which, again should be used judiciously.
Sunil P G