Third party examination: a must for student success in Board, JEE AND NEET.

The syllabus of both board and competitive examinations almost remain same. Still why students who score high %  in board fails to get good score in JEE/NEET?
As Educators we all know that the reputation of an individual or institution into science stream depends on Board result and competitive examination result like IIT-JEE and NEET. These results play a crucial role in the successive years admission.


You are the pillar of strength for your students. They depend on you completely for their success. Have you ever wished that if you had a magic wand, that helps you to identify which factor reduces the result of your students and thereby enabling them to rectify it? Here comes studyvita, with that magic wand. Know what your student do not know in Board, JEE & NEET Exam and support them for what they do not know.


We think that board examinations are to test memory and competitive examinations are to test the conceptual applications. However, there are some other hidden factors too.
At studyvita we did some detailed research and developed solutions and applied it in various associated schools. We found that by following these solutions, even mediocre students also can crack the competitive examinations with good score. I am summarizing it in the form of following graph.

What we Identified….

1. In most of the schools, one teacher teaches all the chapters of a subject, same teacher set the paper and same teacher assess the paper. However, when students appear for board/ competitive examination, questions are set by subject experts. (third party) Because of this the knowledge gaps in teacher remain as learning gaps in students. Hence students will find it difficult to answer the questions based on the learning gaps.

2. Board examinations test what students know. (learned topicsCompetitive examinations test what students don’t know (unknown/topics with partial concept clarity)

3. There are no third-party examinations in India.


Q. How can we improve both board and competitive results in institutions?
For the improvement of result of an institution both learning gaps of the students and knowledge gaps of the teachers (teaching gaps) must be identified and rectified before the final examinations.

Q. How can we do this?
We at studyvita has developed Diagnostic Test (Learning and Teaching Deficiency Test for descriptive as well as MCQ based questions).

Q. Can teachers know about the performance of each of the students?
Yes. Institution head and teachers can have the access to the students’ performance data and can come to know the knowledge gap for a student and batch in general so that teachers can help them to overcome these gaps.

Q. After Identifying Learning and Teaching gaps, how can we address it?
For this we have developed grey area support system (GASSS) which is inbuilt in the system.
Q. How it benefits the students?

It helps the students in improving their board and competitive examination scores which leads their career in reputed institute and end up with prosperous job / business.

Q How its beneficial to parents?
If child gets good score, parents will be happy as it elevates their status in the society and saves / reduces the capitation fees on admission.

Q. How it will help the institution/faculty?
As the student’s results improve, the word of mouth publicity by ex-students and their parents will bring more admissions in the institution.
The positioning and ranking of the institution and faculty will improve.

Q. How much does it cost?
If all the students of std 9, 10, 11 and 12 are registered, on studyvita, we do not charge anything.

Q. Is there any charge for students?
For students, first MCQ based diagnostic test is free. Next test onwards it will be diagnostic and adaptive in nature and will cost Rs. 50 per test and Rs. 300/-per test for

Q. How can they pay this?
They can pay this through online payment. Parents can recharge the e-valet and charges will be deducted from the valet.

Q. Is there any other benefit for the institute?
Yes. Like in many Olympiad examinations, out of the collection a part % is reserved for infrastructure utilization, which can be used for institutional developments and giving scholarship to the needy students.

Q. How can we start with? You can start with by filling up the expression of interest form.
Author: Sunil P G
Whatsapp: +919227208921