JEE-NEET Diagnostic Adaptive Test Platform

Salient Features

  • Students can schedule test as per their convenient time.

  • Get diagnostic test report instantly.

  • Practice chapter wise adaptive tests, where students get questions adapted as per their previous test performance.

  • Option to take support from the expert faculty online.

  • Practice from 50000+questions curated by expert faculty.

  • Retest on identified grey area to ensure that grey areas are cemented.

Advantages to Institution

Creating differentiated assignments for each individual student as per their understanding level with the help of a mouse click is now a reality.

  • Institute can use own questions, Studyvita question bank or by mixing both.

  • Institute can create own test series.

  • Institute can enroll students from anywhere.

  • Co- branding.
    When your institute student log in your institute logo will be visible prominently.

  • Improvement in enrollment.

  • Improvement in revenue.

  • Improvement in result.

  • Just declare an adaptive test. Each student will get different questions as per their understanding level.

  • Affordable fees that can be paid by institute or can be collected from students through online payment.