Dear teachers,
I am Sunil P G, Founder, Studyvita. I am a Biology Teacher and Medical coach with more than 25 years of experience, interested in Ed-tech arena. is my humble initiative to develop practical solution to various problems faced by the stake holders in education
Everyone want  students to do well in not only board examinations but also competitive examinations. But in most cases we can see students do well in board bud not in competitive examinations. Why?  During the initial phase of my career I too faced this problem, and little effort I have done to solve this problem which I honestly think, will be useful to students and teachers as well.
Following was two of my post in various social medias.
That too did not fetch any satisfactory answer. Don’t we really need a solution for this? Believe me the solution is with teachers like us only.
As per my observation unlike the common perception, more than 80% of the teachers are sincere in their work. We all, after completing the syllabus tell the students that if they have any problem in any of the topics you can come to clear the doubts. I too was doing it. But how many students come? Even if they come, my observation is that they come to ask some doubts on partially understood topics.
You all are aware that each student is unique. And we can’t give justice to all the students with a 60 student strength with mixed caliber. Can we create different levels of assignment to different students? Even if we try the most sincere teacher also will find it difficult to cop up with this task. What is the solution?
Another problem what I have observed is the status, reputation, remuneration and most importantly work satisfaction of teachers is rapidly reducing in the society. Because of this very few people only are coming to take up the teaching profession.
Governments and managements say they do not have sufficient resources to hike the pay. How can we regain the status and reputation of our profession? Do teachers don’t require a satisfactory income for leading a decent life? What is the solution?
Teaching profession is considered to be the mother profession of all other profession. Yet does teaching profession is getting its due position?

A Summary of few features of studyvita

Why Studyvita?

FASSS-Faculty Aided Student Support System (Studyvita) has been designed and developed after 20 years of Academic and Technological Research by Academicians having Technological background.

It helps you to get more returns from your work.

1. You can become an author.

Study materials you have created (Assignment/worksheet, Sample question paper, A Book, Video Lectures, Test Series, a course you created, etc.) can be sold as a whole or in part to your colleagues or students across the globe and you can earn a handsome return for your effort.
2. Become an Online Tutor/Mentor.
Schedule your virtual classes as per your convenience and invite students from across the globe. Students can also reach out to you for one to one support for their doubts for the questions you have uploaded. You can decide the charges for one to one or one to many live lectures within the permissible limit set by Studyvita which is decided based on various parameters. More quality questions you upload and share, more students will demand your support. You can schedule Regular Classes, Remedial classes or Score Booster Classes as per your choice. Once you share the questions/documents/video lecture/animation/ppt etc with studyvita, we do a repetition check. If your work is found to be original, it will be send to the subject experts for quality check. Once they accept your work, then your work will be added to the study vita question bank and media library. 
3. Save Time and earn more/spend more time with your family.
Online question paper generator and Document Manager help you to save a lot of time. You can create your own question bank simply by uploading questions in the form of word document. You need to enter the questions and answers in a word table which will support equations, symbols, images, etc. You do not require any specific training for the same. You can decide whether you want to share the questions with studyvita or keep them private. Later you can generate question papers sitting anywhere quickly by random generation or by handpicking the questions of your choice from studyvita question bank, from your own private question bank or by mixing both.
4. Earning from Referral schemes.
When you refer this platform to your friends or students, you get reward points which can be redeemed later. By referring, you can help your friends/students to get a discount.
5. Become really smart in your classroom.
The ready made assignments and teaching tools and web resources as per your syllabus help you to save a lot of time rather than spending time to create them.
6. Judicious use of technology.
“Technology cannot replace a Teacher. However, a teacher who does not adopt technology may be replaced”. Hence this is a platform which enables the teacher to use the technology in a judicious manner in the teaching learning process with personalization.
7. Diagnostic Test Engine.
When you teach in the traditional way, different students assimilate the knowledge you deliver, in different ways. Once the chapter is over, take a diagnostic test using our platform. It will map the micro concept gaps (Grey Areas) of every student and report them. Further the inbuilt Grey Area Support System (GASS) helps them to overcome the grey areas. When you process the result, you get rank list and difficulty level analysis report instantly so that you can arrange remedial classes for the topics/questions where maximum students have committed mistakes.
8. Personalize your teaching.
Adaptive learning platform helps you to create a separate assignment for every child as per his/her level with the click of a button. What you need to do is, select your class, select the chapter, select number of questions and select the submission date. Your work is over. Studyvita will generate different assignments for all your students according to their level. It is advisable to take adaptive test after a diagnostic test for a chapter so that questions will be graded as per the student’s understanding level.
9. Communication made easy.
The studyvita  messenger app helps you to save a lot of money for communication. It is free if you, your students and their parents install the app in a smart phone (Android). Through Studyvita platform you can send notifications regarding test schedules, results, assignment submissions, etc. as well as common notifications to your batch.

In case you get stuck at some point, please refer the help menu; video tutorials are given for most of the operations. Still if there is any query, please feel free to mail to us at

Why should you do it?

1. Health is wealth.

Today you earn from your job. If you fall sick, you will not be able to do your job or tuition. However when your health is good, if you create your course with your own video lectures, notes, PPTs and place it in our market place (Edu-shopee), it will give you a return at the time of need. Your work can earn for you when you sleep.
2. Save for a rainy day.
This platform will give you an additional income without any additional burden on you. Whatever work you do for your regular teaching can be uploaded and placed on the Edu-Shopee for a price decided by you within the permissible limit set by Studyvita. Your earning will be deposited in your bank account every month after deducting a percentage as platform charges. You have the full right to decide on the permission. If you allow, then only one can download/print or view your work.
3. Be a part of the nation development
As you are aware, there exists a divide between Urban and Rural education in terms of infrastructure and academic resources. Good study materials are still not available to the poor students in the villages. You can now contribute in solving this problem by creating good quality study content.

Be a part of this noble mission. Become a 21st century teacher. You are now empowered with an Advanced Dynamic Diagnostic Adaptive Learning Platform to get the best out of your knowledge and hard work by reaching out to students beyond the geographical boundaries.

Currently we are in the process of creating a pool of Academicians and Experts from the various field. Interested persons also will be considered for various assignments in our institution/partner institute/schools.


If you are interested, fill up the Expression of interest form.

Thank You
Sunil P G & Beena Sunil