Advantages to students

1. Students get the chance to attend quality questions developed by a pool of faculty in addition to their regular school/coaching faculty.
2. In a way they get a chance to attend third party questions.
3. Attending the third-party questions will be very important because your final board or competitive exam papers are going to be set by subject experts decided by the board or NTA. They are not your own regular faculty.
4. If students are making the mistake studyvita’s AI based intelligent learning deficiency identifier algorithm will identify your week concept and student will be directed to specific you tube videos so that student can learn and rectify their mistake.
5. Remember, in a competitive examination each mark is important. Each mark can make a difference of 500 + rank.
6. Continuous participation in puzzle of the day will help student to improve the concept clarity day by day.
7. Students who show continuous improvement will also be eligible for the special prizes and awards declared by studyvita or other organizations from time to time.
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