You are now equipped with 21st century Hybrid Teaching Learning Tools

Advantages to Faculty

Most Advanced Hybrid Teaching Learning Tools

Diagnostic and Adaptive Learning Platform

Teachers are now empowered with an Advanced Dynamic Diagnostic and Adaptive Learning Platform to give the best out of their knowledge and hard work by reaching out to students beyond the geographical boundaries.

FASSS-Faculty Aided Student Support System has been designed and developed after 20 years of Academic and Technological Research by teachers having hand on experience in teaching and technology integration. The best Hybrid Teaching/Learning Tools are now available at your fingertips for your use, in your institution & home, any time anywhere.

No more repetition of work.
A major amount of teacher’s time is engaged in repetitive clerical work. Teachers who are working for the same Board/Universities, through collaborative work, can share the resources through studyvita platform and can reduce the repetitive work.

Support for knowledge Enhancement.
Enough knowledge enhancement facilities are available in the platform.
Teachers have freedom to work to work at own time and own place.
Flexibility of Timing

  • Centralized correction wizard 
  • Ensure that error free materials are provided to the students. (Teacher need to do the correction at one place only. It will automatically reflect in all the student’s account)
  • Centralized course progress tracker helps to track the course progress, and as per the requirement you can add or delete the periods. 
    Technology cannot replace a Teacher. However, a teacher who does not adopt technology may be replaced.
    Hence this is a platform which enables the teacher to use the technology in a judicious manner in the teaching learning process with personalization.
    Become an Online Tutor/Mentor.

    Teacher can create own courses as per the subject expertise and skill. (If required, courses can be customized as unit-wise, chapter-wise etc)

    Judicious use of technology.

Teachers can become really smart in classroom.
The readymade/custom made assignments and teaching tools and web resources as per specific syllabus help teacher to save a lot of time rather than spending time to create them.
Teacher can become an author.
Study materials (Assignment/worksheet, Sample question paper, A Book, Video Lectures, Test Series, a course you created, etc.) created by teacher can be sold as a whole or in part to your colleagues or students across the globe through Edu-Shoppee and you can earn a handsome return for your effort.
Annual, Planning, weekly planning, day planning and lecture planning is now easy.

Online question paper generator- a Boon to teachers

One of the most important but boring part of our teachers’ profession is preparing question papers and worksheets from time to time. That too if we are too sincere, we will have to set different levels of questions as per the need of different students.
When we try to prepare differentiated assignments to all our students, it takes a lot our precious time and when we consider the present class strength of most of our schools, it becomes practically impossible. Sincere teachers gets frustrated for not able do things as they wish for the betterment of students.
Thanks to the Advanced Technology Tools developed by Studyvita Team. The role of studyvita Question Bank, Online Question Paper Generator and Adaptive Test Platform comes here. It helps us to make question papers so easily, by choosing the different questions that you wish to have in your question Paper or assignment that too in few mouse clicks. Not only that, you can select questions from various sources like questions uploaded by you, subscribed question banks, e-books, materials purchased from others etc. Another advantage is that it gives a question usage history also, i.e. whether a question is used in any of the previous worksheets or question papers and that worksheet or question paper was given to which all batches.
In addition to these features, you can even create differentiated assignments, just with a mouse click.
It is completely online. Hence you can access it from your home or at school/institution. Unlike other desk top question paper generators, where only one person can use it at a time, studyvita give the flexibility to use this platform for as many users at a time making it an ideal tool for group of schools and institutions. It gives you the flexibility of generating the question papers and work sheets in predefined template with your logo. If power goes, you can resume from where you started. You can create descriptive, or objective question papers. You can create blue prints which can be saved for the future use.
You can create your own question bank in MS word. Studyvita support all types of image, equations, symbols etc. Another advantage is that you need not to do any kind of formatting. Studyvita also provide you a secretory or data entry operator account, hence your assistant can do the data entry for you.
In short, it is going to be a wonderful tool which will help you to save a lot of time. Not only that. There is a saying. “Money Saved is Money Earned”. It helps you to save a lot on DTP operator cost and dependence on him/her. Here after you will not have to post pone your tests for the reason that paper is not ready. Online generated papers can be used for taking online test or offline test.
Online generated worksheets can be distributed to the students through studyvita Secured Content Delivery Platform which provide print/download control to you.
What else you want to have in a question paper generator program?
Note: This video is of old version. New features are now added. New tutorial video will come soon.

Diagnostic Test Platform

Currently, irrespective of hardworking and being brilliant, majority of the students are not getting the expected rank/grade in the board, competitive or final examinations. This is because students are not able to identify their grey areas through self-assessment and rectify it before final exams.
Diagnostic test engine help students to assess themselves to identify the grey area (Micro and macro-concept Gaps) and rectify it before their final exams with the help of Grey Area Support system (GASS).
During the regular teaching learning process there exist a learning gap and a teaching gap. The Studyvita Diagnostic Test Platform helps both student and teacher to identify these learning gaps and also helps them to overcome them with the help of inbuilt grey area support system.
Test can be generated by students themselves for the topics they have already learned or can be conducted by the teacher.
If test is conducted by the teacher, we provide batch wise and student wise analysis report which helps the teacher to do remedial classes in an effective way. These data are stored for the future use. At a later stage the data analytics helps the teacher and students for the personalized learning.

Adaptive Learning Platform

Albert Einstein said “Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid”.
This is true in case of students also. If we give same tests and assignments to a group of students with different IQ levels repeatedly, some will do well, but some mediocre and below average students may think that, they will never be able to answer such questions and get demoralized. What is the solution? Can a teacher create differentiated assignments and tests for each student manually? Yes. It is possible. But how long? With ever increasing class size, even, the most sincere teacher also faces problem in managing it. The best solution is judicious use of technology. After 20 years of academic and technological research, Studyvita has made it possible. Creating differentiated assignments/tests to each student as per their understanding level with a mouse click is now a reality. Explore the Diagnostic and Adaptive Learning platform of Studyvita.

Student’s Academic Progress through Adaptive Learning

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